Get Involved

The steps are simple: 

(1) Find a problem in your community worth solving.

(2) Research. Talk to the experts. Learn all about it.

(3) Host an event in your community. Share what you’ve learned with community members.

(4) Challenge your peers to develop their own solutions. Put out the word that you are hosting a problem-solving competition about this issue. Use this template. Recruit teams.

(5) Each team will develop their own unique solution to the problem — it could be a nonprofit, a volunteering club, a political campaign, or a viral video idea.

(6) Reach out to us. We’ll provide each team with mentorship and advice as they develop their solution.

(7) Host an event where each team presents their solution to members of the community.

(8) We will fund and support the best solutions through our global network of donors and activists.